Our Belief about Pricing

Here at August Haus, we believe in and practice a flat-rate “all-inclusive” pricing structure.  Unlike many other communities who utilize an A La Carte pricing model, we don’t charge extra fees to residents based on their level of care.  We know how much of a financial burden paying for assisted living can be, and that’s why we don’t charge extra for things like dressing and hygiene assistance.  You and your family can rest easy knowing that your bill will not increase after time, just because your level of care changes.

All Inclusive Vs. A La Carte

  • All Inclusive
  • A La Carte
  • Bathing Included $20 - 30 per time
  • Assistance with dressing Included $15 - 20 per time
  • Medication Management Included $50 - 70 per day
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Included $10 - 20 per day
  • Bathroom Assistance Included $30 - 40 per day
  • One-Time Entry Fee Included $500 - $1,500
  • Total Additional Cost Per Month $0.00 ???

Cost of Assisted Living

When people hear our prices, they are often surprised at how much assisted living costs. But, in comparison to other assisted living facilities in the state, August Haus is one of the most inexpensive.

Our prices include most everything a person needs to reside here, including all utilities, house keeping and laundry services, medication management and administration, food, and all levels of care. Looking at the breakdown of what our prices include might not seem like much, but in comparison to other facilities around the state of Michigan, our prices are some of the most competitive. Other assisted living facilities might charge per level of care your loved one requires, while our prices include all levels of care. There are several facilities where the family or individual is required to purchase a meal plan, much like in a college dorm, where their loved one can only eat so many meals per month, and the rest of the meals are up to the resident to make.

We here at August Haus assisted living believe in all inclusive pricing for you and your loved ones for 2 reasons:

  • It makes life simpler for the resident and their family because they are able to budget what their expenses are each month.

  • It allows the resident to reside in one place without having to worry about moving locations if their care needs change.

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